partial digest

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Wed Jun 14 14:09:53 EST 1995

In article <3rka02$o6l at> cb1 at (Czanad Bachrati (Zoology)) writes:
>From: cb1 at (Czanad Bachrati (Zoology))
>Subject: partial digest
>Date: 13 Jun 1995 15:14:10 GMT

>Hello Everybody,

>Does anyone know about a program, that simulates partial restriction 
>digestion of a DNA sequence?


>Csanad Bachrati

There is a package called Vector NTI which will do this. Its available for 
both PC and MAC. 
I have a link to the demo version for the PC on my home page, the URL is:-

This package is also capable of drawing plasmids, if your interested in this 


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