graphic plasmid programm ?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at
Fri Jun 16 12:26:00 EST 1995

In Article <meyerh.1.00028904 at> "meyerh at (Hemmo Meyer)" says:
> I'm looking for a programm (DOS/Windows) which draws circular plasmid maps 
> based on sequence and restriction data and produces convenient file 
> formats (.cdr, .tif,...). Does anyone have good experience with any prog. 
> FTP-site?
> Hemmo Meyer 
> meyerh at
> Dept. of Cytobiology
> University of Marburg/Germany
Try Clone, from      Scientific and Educational Software
                     P.O. box 440
                     State Line, Pennsylvania 17263
                     (717) 597-5307 (phone)
                     (717) 597-5108 (fax)
It's a very nice program, but a little pricey ($400- for the base module, 
and $250- for the add-on that makes the output publication quality, or a 
total of $650- for the whole thing).
I have no connection to this company, I have just used their version 1.0 
Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
bloksber at

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