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You've heard about it on the Internet. You've seen it on TV.
You've read about it in ADVANCE for Radiologic Science Professionals
magazine now the Visible Human Project has come to CD-ROM.
Visual Man CD-ROM "A Graphic Guide To The Human Male",
contains over 1800 actual cross-section images of a 
cryosectioned male cadaver. These images came from the body of
an executed murderer, Joseph Paul Jernigan, who was embedded
in gelatin, frozen, sliced crosswise into over 1800 millimeter
thin slices, then digitally photographed. The images are in 24
bit JPEG format.The Windows interface is very easy to use and 
runs direct from the CD-ROM. Perform slideshows over specific
areas. Zooming. Great tool for learning about the body. The
images contained on the disc were derived from the National
Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project(tm), an effort
by the NLM to build a digital library to advance the progress of
medicine and public health.

The project represents a major medical breakthrough that will 
surley advance the progress of medicine and public health.
"This is the first time such detailed digital information about
an entire human body has ever been compiled", says A.B. 
Lindenburg, M.D., director, National Library of Medicine in

We do have a few selected images on our Web site.

System requirements: 386 CPU (486 recommended), 4MB RAM,(8MB
recommended), 256 color VGA display (true color video recommended)
DOS 5.0 or later, MS Windows 3.1, Macintosh version due out late 1995.

MSRP $39.95, Expomed price $29.95USD plus $5 for shipping and 
handling(domestic), $15.00USD (International) per CD-ROM.
Quantity discount for orders of over 10
Ohio residence add 6.25% sales tax.
Visa and Mastercard accepted.
Contact Marty Thomas or Charles Eup at Expomed Inc.
email address:expomed at

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