ABI Chromatograms on PCs

(Dave Johnston) daj at mailserver.nhm.ac.uk
Wed Jun 21 03:16:41 EST 1995

"Geneskipper" which runs under Win3.1 claims to be able to read ABI, ALF, 
LiCor and Hitachi trace files (and very much more).

I have not seen the software and it isn't free (costs 1500DM for academic 
use, single licence), I just followed up an article in Human Genome News 
to find out about it. I don't want to abuse the newsgroup so, if you want 
the contact name I have been given, email me direct.

David A. Johnston
Research Fellow,
Dept of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road,
South Kensington, London SW7 5BD. England
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