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>>I have downloaded several of those images myself.  In order to view
>>you first need to download the Visible Human Project description file.
>>This will tell you the size and the format of the raw RBG images
>>the database.  Next you need to get a shareware copy of Paint Shop Pro
>>(PSP) 3.0.  This program allows you to view .RAW files.  First you set
>>the format for the RAW file under PSP then just open the file of
>>and watch the magic. These images are very large in the original
>>I suggest that once you are able to view the image using PSP save it
>in a 
>>JPG format.  This loads a little slower but save big and the hard
>>space.  Good Luck.
>Does anyone know the file name of the visible human project description
>file.  I've had a terrible time figuring much out about this site. 
>thank you in advance for your consideration.  Harold 

	The information you need to configure a viewer to display the 
visible human images is as follows:

Frame size 	2048,1216
Image format	RGB, 24-bit, non-interleaved
Header size	None	
Coordinate Offset None,None
Pixel Size 0.33mm,0.33mm  (I did not need this)

Good luck,

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