Extinction Coefficient

larson eric elarson at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 27 11:04:33 EST 1995

marian at micro.ifas.ufl.edu (Marian Buszko) writes:

>Is there a software program available to calculate the extinction coefficient
>of a protein at 280 nm if the complete sequence of the protein is known?
>If so, I would be interested in obtaining this program.
GPMAW, from the American Chemical Society (I believe), does calculate the
extinction coefficient for a protein, or fragment, at 280.  It's an
ancillary part of the program (and probably not worth the cost of the
program to gain this feature).  If you have a need to do MALDI, though,
then GPMAW is a decent program to own (invaluable for calculating the mol.
wt. of peptide fragments).
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