Help with B-D FACscan/Lysys II

R.B. Womer 72560.550 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jun 26 20:38:32 EST 1995

The postdoc in the lab recently completed a huge experiment (4 
straight 18-20 hr days) and had the samples run through a 
Becton-Dickenson FACScan with Lysys II software for cell cycle 
analysis. Unfortunately the histograms came back with logarithmic X 
axes, and we need linear ones.

Changing the computation and display preferences (under Preferences,
in the BD menu) put a linear X-axis on the histograms, *but* didn't 
re-calculate the histograms at all.

Does anyone know how to change from a log to a linear X-axis?

Or, does anyone know how to export the histograms (or the underlying
data) to another program that will allow such changes?

Does anyone have an e-mail address for B-D tech support?

Rick Womer
(usually in Philly, temporarily in Oxford, UK)

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