Plasmid Drawing Software for Mac?

Alan Roter genesystems at
Tue Jun 27 10:07:42 EST 1995

In article <3sbl4n$gse at>, Ralf Rosenstein
<ralf.rosenstein at> wrote:

> Im looking for a good Mac-software for drawing plasmid maps 
> (publication quality maps, export and converting option, cloning feature 
> and so on). Can anybody help me?
> Thanks
> Ralf

A program I wrote, Plasmid ARTIST, is a bit dated but is probably the best
meet your needs.  Make sure you get the most recent version, Version 1.2.3.
It is being sold by Clontech Laboratories and their distributors.  Check
with your local distributors to see if they carry Clontech products.

--Alan Roter

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