Plasmid drawing software

Preston Garrison garrisonp at
Tue Jun 27 23:49:25 EST 1995

In Article <3sm0ns$120e at>, Ron van Eijsden <eijsden> wrote:
>Hi there, I'm looking for (free) Mac software for drawing plasmid maps, cloning
>products etc. One important application of the program should be the
>possibility of drawing inserts which are not integrated in the plasmid itself,
>meaning inserts are given as bars next/adjacent to the plasmid map.
>Unfortunately, the program MacPlasmap (which I already found) does not possess
>this application. Is there anyone who can provide me with this kind of software
>(or tell me how to provide it). Thank you very much in advance. Best wishes,
>Dr Ron van Eijsden ....

Why don't you just export from Macplasmap into a drawing program like 
Canvas and add the insert bar?

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