READSEQ limitations?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Jun 29 21:29:15 EST 1995

I haven't traced the cause of this problem, which shows up on some
systems, but I think you can make it go away by increasing the
value of 'kStartLength' in the file ureadseq.c of the source:

Look for a line like this near the top of ureadseq.c (the value may
be different):
#define kStartLength  50000

and increase the value to something much larger, like 
#define kStartLength  500000

That seems to cure the problem you report. Readseq is supposed to
reallocate memory when it runs into larger sequences, but apparently
the code it uses fails on some computer systems.

In article <3su8i2$cn0 at> Daniel GAUTHERET <gauthere> writes:
>Is there any limit on the size of sequence files that can be treated by
>'readseq'? My version (SGI, 1 Feb 93) crashes with any sequence larger than
>4000 characters.
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