winplas and genbank files?

Bernard Murray bernard at
Fri Jun 30 10:44:02 EST 1995

In article <3sv4fp$eq4 at>, don at (Don A. Walthers) writes:
> i downloaded the demo copy of winplas. i'm trying to import genbank
> files into new documents. that works without a problem but the 
> software cannot recognize the special features listed in the file.
> this function works with the pbr322.gb_ included with the demo but
> not on the ones i download. i assume i'm downloading them correctly
> because the software recognizes the sequence and can perform a
> restriction analysis.
> thanks for any help
I was just talking to Rich Goldstein a few minutes ago and he says that
this is a known problem with the Demo but has been fixed in the commercial
version.  He also says that he has added the ability to cope with ambiguous
bases, which is also a handy feature.
	This is a really nice program and, at ca. $270 - 300 a copy, is not
too expensive.  The only dislike I have so far is that the commercial version
relies on a hardware key for copy protection.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated.  Only have the Demo.  Like the Demo very much.
            Highly recommended (


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