Invoicing for Self-employed Professionals

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Thu Jun 29 12:42:15 EST 1995

Does this Self-employed person
sound like you?

I provide a service out of my home office.

I don't want to learn accounting.

I just want an quick and easy way to send invoices.

I also need a simple way to file income and expenses in my computer.

I want to push a little button at tax time and print a detailed income &
expense report to help me do my taxes.

...and I want all this in a really, really cheap, easy to learn DOS program.

You want jOBIII Professional. jOBIII is an Invoicing and Expenses
Management program for self-employed professionals who work out of their
home office. It¹s NOT an accounting program!

jOBIII is fully functional but you¹re limited to the number of records you
can enter. A ³Key² is available from the author for a shareware fee of
$25. A full Adobe Acrobat User¹s Guide is included.

jOBIII is for those who work out of their home. It has special features
that automatically calculate the business and/or rental portion of your
home expenses - something that is very cumbersome in accounting packages.

Eg: jOBIII will take into account a percentage of your household expenses
when printing tax or expense reports.

You can print comprehensive reports for all your income & expenses - with
detailed, business and personal percentage breakouts. It can save you
plenty of hours and dollars at income tax time.

Prints invoices and envelopes with the push of a button.

Organizes your client and supplier address lists.

Calculates the business portion of home expenses automatically.

Prints a tax (GST in Canada) report in seconds.

No debits and credits to figure out.

Keeps complete records of your business and household expenses.

Prints cheques and envelopes.

Can also be run on a MAC with SoftPC.

You can get a copy of jOBIII Professional that you can try out at If you like it, send in the $25 shareware fee
and your ³Key² will be E-mailed or Faxed to you...FAST.

The User¹s Guide can be read with either the Windows or the MAC version of
Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.0, and you can get a FREE Acrobat Reader from Adobe

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