Anatomy graphics

Harold Boxenbaum shelbyb at
Fri Jun 30 21:24:33 EST 1995

In <3smurl$mst at> berk at (Berkeley
Nguyen Limketkai) writes: 
>: > hcampbel at says...
>: > I have downloaded what is termed raw graphic data from the Visible
>: > Human Data Set at the National Library of Medicine.  It is located
at the
>: > This material consists of digitized
>: > cross-sections of an actual human and CAT/MRI data as well.
>: > I would like to incorporate this material into tutorial programs
>Are these, however, copyrighted images?

No, nothing from the federal government is copyrighted, unless they
specifically indicate it is.  But I've never seen anything copyrighted.


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