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Sat Mar 4 15:03:04 EST 1995

doelz at (Reinhard Doelz) wrote:
> ewan birney (birney at wrote:
> : Excuse the gratuitous subject!
> done :-) 
> : I'm trying to write (in spare moments) a CUSI version for
> : biological databases over the web. (?? call it a bioCUSI?)
> There is already a really comprehensive collection of sites - all in all, 
> 69 databanks at 11 servers. Look at
> (this is Thure Etzold's SRS server system). 
> The big pain of the biological database arena is that there are so many 
> similar and interlinked databases that an individual retrieval is no longer 
> the most desirable thing to do. Rather, the INTERLINKING of these data 
> is the main issue. Alternatively, COMBINING queries is required - e.g., do 
> two searches and get only those which show up as results in both. The 
> URL mentioned above ( gets you 
> into a database web system which does precisely that. The queries written 
> by Ewan have not even half of that functionality - and surely much less 
> databases. 
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you are right: SRS is a really neat system - interlinking is
crucial - and SRS is the only system that deals with that...


SRS doesn't have archie/CUI_WWW/ other ftp/web indexes (which I
do use)

This little creature can be set up on any site running an http
server and perl: with no overheads. It takes minimal time to
set up and maintain.

this thing can be configured to add in more sites that you yourself
use. I want to get a better "gateway" between the bioCUSI thing and
SRS - but I'm not quite sure how to rig it

SRS can get confusing. (to lesser mortals like me).

CUSI is quite cute - no pancea I'd agree for biological databases
but I think it has its own little contribution to give to the



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