ANNOUNCE: Pratt - finding flexible patterns in unaligned protein sequences

Roy Omond omond at
Fri Mar 24 10:11:03 EST 1995

In article <3ks4t2$sj1 at>, inge at (Inge Jonassen)

>	A tool for finding conserved patterns in
>		unaligned protein sequences
>	Written by: Inge Jonassen, Dept. of Informatics,
>		Univeristy of Bergen, Norway
> Pratt is a program that allows the user to efficiently search for patterns
> conserved in a set of protein sequences. It allows the user to define the
> class of patterns to be searched for, and is then guaranteed to find all
> conserved patterns in this class. The time used by the program depends on
> the set of sequences, the class of patterns defined, and the minimum number
> of sequences a pattern is to match. 
> The program has been implemnted in ANSI C. It has been compiled and
> run on different UNIX workstations, DEC Alpha, Sun, Silicon Graphics.

	Since it's been written in ANSI C (thanks, Inge !), it will also run
	perfectly well on VMS using DEC C.  Wouldn't it be nice if all software
	developers would actually use standards like ANSI C ?

> The source code and some documentation is available via
> anonymous ftp from:
>		under /pub/software/unix
>		under /pub/bio

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