Plasmid Drawing Programs

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Subject: Plasmid Drawing Programs
From: TIMOTHY CHAN, tchan at
Date: 29 Mar 95 15:09:01 PST
In article <1995Mar29.150901 at pomona> TIMOTHY CHAN, tchan at
>Is there a more recent version of MacPlasmap
>out there? I'm working with a 1988 version. 
>Are there any other programs that can draw plasmids
>with ease? 

I am using MacPlasmap 2.05, now available for $200 (I think) from CGC
314-652-6533, fax 314-652-6631
Many new features: importing from GenBank, from DNA Strider Pict files,
from MacDraw, and now make linear maps. 
I like it.

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