reference manager/bibliography freeware (or shareware)

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Fri Nov 3 16:15:47 EST 1995

timc at (Tim Cutts) wrote:
>In article <1995Nov3.143033.457 at>,
>Martin Kennedy <mkennedy at> wrote:
>>In article <479s0t$bsg at>, Andreas.Brune at (Andreas Brune) writes:
>>> In article <478q32$di6 at>,
>>>    Susan Jane Hogarth <sjhogart at> wrote:
>>>>I'm looking for freeware/shareware to manage my references.
>>> Try REFS by Tim Cutts.
>>> Really nice shareware program.
>>I'll second that; Tim is also close to a release of a Win95 
>>version. You can demo a fully fucntional version which handles a 
>>couple of hundred (or therabouts) references; full functionality 
>>requires registration and payment (I think this is about 80 
>>pounds Sterling).
>30 pounds, actually.  However, the original poster was asking about
>Macintosh software, and Refs is only available for the various
>flavours of Windows.
Actually, I *was* looking for DOS/Win software - you must have me confused with
someone else. I've downloaded this program, and it looks very nice. Haven't had
much chance to play with it yet, but I'm looking forward to it....

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