Data multiplying like paramecia?

Timothy Campbell pinnacl at
Fri Oct 27 17:05:21 EST 1995

You have a lot of data to churn through, right?  

Reports, text files, logs, lists, databases ... and it always seems 
to be in the wrong format.  You can automate extraction, 
rearrangement and transfer of this information using Parse-O-Matic. 
You can change the data from what you've GOT into what you NEED. 
(Runs under DOS, Windows or OS/2)

You can download a fully functional copy of Parse-O-Matic from our 
BBS or Web site (see addresses below).  Our BBS's GUEST account 
gives you instant download privileges.

Timothy Campbell (Pinnacle Software) 514-345-9578; BBS: 514-345-8654
pinnacl at;  CIS: 70154,1577;  WWW:    

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