Want dbase/software info for collections - Herp

Matthew Berigan mberigan at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Sep 6 13:28:59 EST 1995

Herp collections specialists,

I'm trying to help a South American friend, who is responsible for
managing a large herp collection, determine the best way to store data on
his collection.  I'm hoping that there are standard collections software
packages that might meet his needs but haven't had any luck in identifying
them.  The little research that I've done has resulted in limited
success.  I have found the ASC book, "ASC Guidelines For Institutional
Databases," Association of Systematics Collections.  Unfortunately there
is no listing of available software (preferably for MacIntosh).

My herp background is limited but I would imagine that there are specific
things that one would consider for the building of a proper collection
database.  And I imagine that most database software would probably handle
these concerns with ease.  I do wonder, however, how one would store for
analysis DNA information (used to help compare relations of snakes
collected in different locations) which is usually done by comparing

Please send me any and all clues that you might have as to suppliers of
biosoftware used for maintaining collection information or perhaps any
names (email addresses) of folks familiar with the topic.

As I really don't have the time to follow this newsgroup please do send me
an email response:   mberigan at facstaff.wisc.edu

Matt Berigan
Madison, WI.

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