I need a site to download PKZIP (Watch out for Trojan!!!!!)

Shiping Zhang ping at bnlux1.bnl.gov
Thu Sep 7 11:43:03 EST 1995

In article <41vh4q$ki1 at ixnews6.ix.netcom.com>,
Two Dolphins <magix at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Anyone know a WWW, FTP ect... site where I can download PKZIP?

The following is a CIAC note.


1) PKZIP Trojan

A Trojaned version of the popular, DOS file compression utility PKZIP
is circulating on the networks and on dial-up BBS systems. The
Trojaned files are PKZ300B.EXE and PKZ300B.ZIP. CIAC verified the
following warning from PKWARE:
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  Some joker out there is distributing a file called PKZ300B.EXE and
  PKZ300B.ZIP. This is NOT a version of PKZIP and will try to erase your
  harddrive if you use it.  The most recent version is 2.04G.  Please 
  tell all your friends and favorite BBS stops about this hack.
  Thank You.
  Patrick Weeks Product Support PKWARE, Inc.
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
PKZ300B.EXE appears to be a self extracting archive, but actually
attempts to format your hard drive. PKZ300B.ZIP is an archive, but the
extracted executable also attempts to format your hard drive. While
PKWARE indicated the Trojan is real, we have not talked to anyone who
has actually touched it. We have no reports of it being seen anywhere
in the DOE.

According to PKWARE, the only released versions of PKZIP are: 1.10,
1.93, 2.04c, 2.04e and 2.04g. All other versions currently circulating
on BBS's are hacks or fakes. The current version of PKZIP and PKUNZIP
is 2.04g.

The current version of PKZIP is available in the CIAC Archive, or
directly from PKWARE.

- From CIAC:   ftp://ciac.llnl.gov/pub/ciac/util/pc/pkz204g.exe
             BBS: 510-423-4753, 510-423-3331
- From PKWARE: ftp://pkware.com/pub/pkware/pkz204g.exe
             BBS: 414-354-8670

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