lynx recognizing LOAD available

Shiping Zhang ping at
Wed Sep 6 22:20:03 EST 1995

A user who didn't give his e-mail address suggested to put the modified
lynx on the net for people who are interested to fetch.  I have packed
it into a compressed tar file called lynx2-3-7b.tar.Z.  It's available
in  It's also available from a link in
"sequence input method" of

Just FYI, in April, those who are maintaining lynx had been notified the
changes and supplied a patch file and requested to incorporate the changes
in the future release (but I didn't get any answer).  I also proposed
to Mosaic people to add the feature long time ago, but didn't get response
either (if they were willing to maintain it, I could add the feature, on
my spare time :-)).  What puzzles me is that such feature is so useful and
so easy to add, but those popular web browsers all lack it, so far.


P.S. Those who don't understand what I'm talking about can pay a visit at and read "sequence input method".

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