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Christopher Spry cspry at sghms.ac.uk
Wed Sep 13 03:20:40 EST 1995

I am unable to contact NCBI again today from my Medical School in London. Ping failed.
A traceroute to times out so the DNS entry has even been lost.
I assume that this is a recurrence of the router problems (in New York?) that has plagued
UK, many European and some Washington users for several months. I found no usenet postings
of why, or how long this serious problem will last.

Would those responsible let us know what is going on please, and take some action :)

Christopher Spry.
cspry at sghms.ac.uk <Prof. Christopher Spry> St. George's Hospital Medical School
London SW17 0RE, U.K. Phone +44 181-725 2990; Fax +44 181-725 5821

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