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> From: Kenneth Ramsey <tpa at>
> Subject: Best DNA database

> I am currently using Mac Vector 4.5.1 to do DNA database searches.  I am 
> using Gen Bank currently for the database.  I have been told that a 
> database called Entrez is a better more complete database.  Can anyone 
> who is using Entrez give me some information before I go and purchase a 
> copy of this database.

Dear Kenneth,

if you want to do searches against the most up to date set of DNA or
protein sequences, I suggest you use the BLAST suite of software, this
can be done by e-mail (send 'help' to blast at to get
more info on this) or on the WWW (see

There you will also find an Entrez WWW browser.  Entrez is a search and
discovery tool wich links data from a great number of databases;
nucleic acids and proteins, related MedLine records, structure (eg from
PDB) and soon (demonstarted next week at the Genome meeting in Hilton
Head next week) a genomes divisions where we show some genomes (large
and small) present in part or whole in GenBank.  So Entrez is all of
that, and all the connections in between!  It's a discovery tool,
because the links between many of the records are presented, but need a
biologist to interpret how relevent they are ... people make lots of
discoveries with Entrez.

As I mentioned Entrez is available on WWW or as a client (which runs
under windows, mac, unix (many flavors), VMS) which you can download
from our FTP site (

If you have any questions about any of our services, you can mail to
our service desk at:

info at

regards to all,


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| GenBank
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