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>I'm looking for a program that can take a line image (in TIFF or some
>common format) and convert it to XY coordinates for loading into a graphics or 
>spreadsheet program.

I have WinDIG which I think I got from CICA
below is a section of the readme file.

WinDIG  Version 1.0  (First release)

WinDIG is a data digitalization program.
Load a Windows bitmap, define a reference system on this bitmap, and get
point coordinates. Very useful if you have a scanner.
Main features:
- Get bitmaps from a file or from the clipboard
- Basic bitmap edition functions for small corrections
- Manual or fast automatic curve digitalization mode
- Configurable data format (normal or exponential)
- May handle up to 32767 data
- Save digitalized data on file or into the clipboard
- Any axis system allowed, even tilted, rotated or non-orthogonal !
- Automatic search in any of the 4 directions
- Allow also colored curves digitalization
- Zoom window for higher pointing accuracy
- Supports drag and drop of Windows bitmap files
- Full description in a Windows help file
- FREE OF CHARGE: no billion of $ to send all over the world...

The author :   Dominique LOVY
               Dept. of Physical Chemistry
               University of GENEVA
               30 Quai Ansermet
               CH-1211 GENEVE 4

    E-Mail :   lovy at
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