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Jan T. Kim kim at
Fri Sep 15 08:43:45 EST 1995

joe at (Joe Felsenstein) wrote:

>This is almost a perfect description of the very nice X windows program
>TreeTool.  Here is a description of it, from my PHYLIP documentation and
>from our Web-borne phylogeny software list
>"Mike Maciukenas, at the Department of Microbiology of the University
>of  Illinois, has written a wonderful X-windows based interactive tree-plotting
>program called TreeTool.  It takes as input a PHYLIP  tree  file, [...]

Thank you for this info. Unfortunately, however, TreeTool does not only need
X, but also XView, which apparently compiles on Sun workstations. I have not
been able to compile XView on the Indigo here, so it seems I won't be able to
compile and use TreeTool  :-(

Regards, Jan
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