Looking for simulation software for non-majors course

tinker at tinker at
Wed Sep 20 06:00:31 EST 1995

I don't know if genetic simulation goes beyond the "interest of lay folk",
but I have written a program called "GREGOR" for the PC that tries to 
make it easy and graphical.  You can get it by ftp from:

in /pub/genetics/software/GREGOR

In <43k3pj$mkm at portal.gmu.edu>, staub at gmu.edu (Steve Taub) writes:
>We are planning a lab in our non-majors' bio course to show use of
>computer simulations in biosciences. Software should deal with subject
>of interest to lay folk--i.e., clinical, environmental, etc. Also 
>should be inexpensive (public domain, if possible.) and, if possible,
>interactive, but not resembling a computer game. Any suggestions? 
>Sources? Thanks very much for any help. Steve Taub, Biology, George
>Mason University.

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