protein structure prediction

Greg jquinn at
Sun Aug 11 20:56:12 EST 1996

Greg Schaefer (gregs at wrote:

: Hello,

: Is anyone familiar with a program that can predict the structure of
: closely related proteins based on the known structure of one of the family
: members?

Yeah, what about Promod (check out :
There is also a web interface to this program somewhere too.

COMPOSER was written at Birbeck college (UK) and they used to allow access
to the first-generation version (non-commercial, it's now part of the
BioSym SYBYL modelling package).

Also, some guy at Rockefeller wrote a similar type of package (sorry,
can't be more specific).

Also, most all major commercial molecular modelling packages now have
modelling-by-homology modules

Hope this helps

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