[Q]:?how to run MAC SW on PC (Windows95)

Mad Dan Eccles rpgrant at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 03:42:30 EST 1996

sjchmura at woodlawn.uchicago.edu (steven joseph chmura) writes:
> Well, this is just plain wrong.  The registered version is far faster.  And
> with a P5-133 costing $350 (yes, you can buy a motherboard and P5-133 for 
> $500) the "exectutor" runs 680x0 apps as fast as a $1000 PowerMac.

Well, I don't know about that, but I do know you can buy a PowerMac with 486 
DOS card for GBP1300 - and probably cheaper in the US.  If I was buying, I'd 
get a PMac w/ 486 card, maybe a P5 card.

Two more points: 
for $$/computing power, PowerMacs are far faster than P5s, which is not 
surprising because of the RISC technology.  I mean, who wants two 486s 
soldered back to back?? At least it keeps the room warm in winter. :)

To make a P5 costs TWICE as much as making a PowerPC chip.  Again, the 
technology accounts for this.

> Apple is in deep deep trouble - face it.  The Amiga of the '90s.

Bull.  Go tell that to 20 million happy users.  They shifted more units last 
quarter than ever before, and over a million PowerMacs.  OK, they made a $70 
million loss which is bad news but that was a forecasting problem (they 
overestimated demand, which cancelled out the underestimation of earlier last 
year when they had backorders totalling 1 _billion_ US$).  Cf with a $122 
million _profit_ for the same quarter the previous  year, I don't think they're 
struggling.  Spindler's gone, so they _shouldn't_ make the same mistakes 
again.  They've licensed the MacOS and now well respected companies such as 
UMAX (btw, they make a MEAN colour scanner, fantastic) are making 
Mac-compatibles - so we should see even more real computers around.

> Softwindows is horrible and requires 16megs of RAM.            

Hm, just like Win95? ;-)

Happy computing,

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