[Q]:?how to run MAC SW on PC (Windows95)

Alan psiber at ftech.co.uk
Tue Feb 6 21:24:26 EST 1996

Hi, I'm Alan

Sorry to butt in likr this, but there is something of great interest
to me here.

Lionel Gilet <gilet at rhapsody.stanford.edu> wrote:

>I did that once. The Mac software was written in object-oriented c/c++
>with Symantec librairies. It was basicallly reading a file generated by
>Excell, doing some calculation and displaying a bunch of graphic windows with
>a floating window that would display the coordinates of the point you click

So my question is, does anyone here now of some shareware or freeware
that can map coordnates clicked into a plain text file?

This is, I know completely irrelevant to this thread, but I guessed
that some peple in this field may have had use for such a tool at some

Greateful if anyone can help.


By the way, I'm mapping bitmapped celtic knots to vector's for
raytracing. I'll need something to smooth the lines of my shaky hand

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