Request for ASPI2DOS.SYS supporting PCMCIA

pmg at pmg at
Tue Feb 13 22:21:47 EST 1996

Does anyone have ADAPTEC driver for DOS supporting
PCMCIA cards? I guess this is ASPI2DOS.SYS file. 
I purchased APA-1460 SlimSCSI. However its Japanese 
version of driver's package cannot regonize
PCMCIA port under normal (US) MSDOS 6.2. I have 
also tried to upgrade it using software from 
WWW.ADAPTEC.COM. It upgrades everything except 
ASPI2DOS.SYS file.  So does anyone have ASPI2DOS.SYS v4.0 
that can regonize /PCMCIA parameter?

Michael Petukhov
pmg at 

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