Gene Runner

Klaus Salger salger at
Wed Jan 10 13:12:58 EST 1996

SI-Johanne Duhaime (duhaimj at IRCM.UMontreal.CA) wrote:
: Bonjour

: I am looking for information about the software Gene Runner. Is there 
: anyone knowing the phone number of the company that makes it (Hasting is 
: the name I think).

: Thank you.

: -- 
: Johanne Duhaime
: Duhaimj at


this is the address of Hastings Software:

Hastings Software Inc.
PO Box 567, Hastings on Hudson, NY, 107106 USA 
Voice: (914) 969-0855
Fax: (914) 376-4433
email: hasoft at

If you are interested in a demo version of Gene Runner, there is one on the
IUBio server.


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