Question: Plasmid drawing software for Windows.

Thu Jan 25 19:44:31 EST 1996

In article <30FE8415.5228 at> servinl at SERVIDOR.DGSCA.UNAM.MX (Luis Servin) writes:
>I'm looking for plasmid-drawing software for Windows. I would be
>interested in knowing if anyone is familiar with WinPlas or DNAMAN. I'd
>appreciate your opinions. I downloaded WinPlas's free demo but it didn't
>work very well on my PC. Private e-mail is OK
>Dr Luis Servin
>Biomedical Research Institute
>National Univ. of Mexico
DNAMAN is a good sequence analysis software for Windows. It provides
an easy-use interface for plasmid drawing. We use it for routine
sequence analysis work.
Hope this help

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