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>On 19 Jun 1996, Vid Strpic wrote:

>> Matthew Lyon wrote:
>> : >    I'm a freshman biochem. major trying to decide what route to go, PC or
>> : > PowerMac. I only have about four grand to spend - Which platform has a
>> : > better selection of software that would for me? I'm on an old borrowed Mac
>> : > 660AV right now, but learning DOS and Windows is not beyond me at all,
>> : > because I'm very technically oriented.
>> : >    Also, which platform would inferface better with a workstation, to
>> : > utilize those high-powered apps.?
> >Buy a PC with Linux. Linux is an Unix, far more stable and secure than
> >either DOS/Win or MacOS. Btw, you can still run DOS and Windows software on
> >it, if you cannot find a version to compile for Linux itself.
> >

>If you can wait a bit (6-9 months), the new PPCP models of Macintosh 
>would probably make the question of the "platform" obsolete.  On the same 
>computer (using *one* processor- powerPC based) one can run MacOS, Unix, 
>and WindowsNT.  This way, since you are more familiar with the Mac 
>interface, you can do most of the jobs on MacOS and for the few things 
>you may need Unix or Windows you can easily (via software) access these OSs.
>Another advantage of the PPCP is that you don't need "dual" memory 
>modules for separate processors that run separate OSs.  

>Just my 2c,


The problem with running Windows NT, UNIX, and another OS on the same platform is the
harddrive format issue.  UNIX and NT use there own special type of format and you need to
partition the drives in order to use them.  It can be very hairy to try.

As far as the PPCP Macs running Windows NT, the programs still have to be compiled for that
processor and not many companies are doing that right now.  If you want to run NT and UNIX, if
you can afford it, buy a Digital Alpha computer.  You can get a patch to software compiled for the
X86 platforms and they are the fastest processors made : )

Thats my $ 0.02

David Slomczynski
dslomczy at mailbox.syr.edu

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