What program to open Mac files in Windows PC?

Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 2 01:39:54 EST 1996

In article <4r9s3j$k5k at sjx-ixn4.ix.netcom.com>,
William Howse  <wmstudio at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>Is there a program out that will let me open Mac files with my Windows
>I know that Mac has programs out to open Windows files in Mac
>computers, like "PC Exchange" and so forth.

You have two choices, that I have tried, both of which work.  There is
a fully-fledged Macintosh emulator, which will also allow you to run a
lot of Macintosh software. It's called Executor, and you can get it
from ftp.ardi.com.

Secondly, if disk copying is all you want, there is a nifty little
DOS program around called Mac-ette.

Both of these products cost money, but they are quite cheap.

Last time I checked, neither program would run under Windows NT,
although ARDI may have fixed Executor by now.


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