Kurt Sims sims at acs.ucalgary.ca
Tue Jul 2 10:19:30 EST 1996

In article <4r3pjt$dmu at news.xs4all.nl>, an at christ.pope (pizzaman) wrote:

> It seems that FREEAGENT (sharewareversion) has a build in
> filter that filters out the nonsense messages. 
> Ofcourse I want to determine myself what's nonsensical
>  Who knows more about the Free Agent filtering let the WEB know.
> Thanx,

I don't think Free Agent has the filter feature.  Their commercial release
Agent does have it but you have to pay for it.  I'm using one called "News
Xpress" now that has a good kill/autoselect feature.  All you have to do
is select the group or groups that you want to apply the feature to and
then type in some keywords.  the keywords can be in the subject line.  I
have "$$" and "Make money" on mine and its amazing how much garbage is
filtered out.  You can also filter out names in the "from" line so you can
delete posts from people you are sick of hearing from.  If you want to
look at it and a bunch of others you can go to http://www.tucows.com/. 
They have a lot of mirror sites and I think there is one closer to you so
it won't take so long to download.  Just click on the newsreader icon to
go to that section. They also have links to the homepages of the software
so you can check it out directly.

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