Which platform?

Richard R. Hardy rr_hardy at fccc.edu
Wed Jul 3 10:51:45 EST 1996

In article <4rdv9j$bb8 at nntp1.best.com>, jquinn at nntp.best.com (Greg) wrote:

>Since Apple are going belly-up, you can look forward to seeing more
>headline-grabbing amazing breaks from them. This was a high-profile
>contract which they desperately needed. These three thousand power Macs
>they have just ordered should make excellent dumb terminals into their
>mini computers.

Please! I sincerely doubt that anyone is listening to this thread, just
shouting their prejudices.  As has been mentioned, it's hard to discuss
religion (OS preference) in a rational fashion.  Can we all return to our
work (whether on Wintels or Macs) now?
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