Ques: how to print postscript files? (Win3.1 based)

Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 4 10:59:31 EST 1996

In article <4rgob3$f78 at news.orst.edu>, Don Chen <chend at ucs.orst.edu> wrote:
>I would like to print out partial trees from the Ribosomal Database
>Project.  The options are postscript, newkirk and text.  The text
>files are funky and I would like a "pretty" tree.  We have a
>Windows-based system with a HP Inkjet printer.  Is there a way to
>print postscript files with this set up?  And what are Newkirk files?

You can print PostScript files on any graphics-capable printer using
the free interpreter GhostScript.  You should be able to find this on
most large ftp sites.  It has a friendlier front-end called GhostView.

Be warned that it doesn't necessarily do a good job, particularly with
text at large point sizes, although if you have something like Adobe
Type Manager you can make GhostScript use the real Adobe fonts from
that, which removes the problem.  For your purposes it shouldn't
matter at all.


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