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Try this one.  You will get a better output format (need a browser with
frame capacity).


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> A student would like to locate restriction map software that he could use
> via the WWW or Internet.  He brought a map that had been generated for him
> through IG and would like a WWW site with software that would display the
> map in a similar format.  (He stated that he did not like the format that
> is available through GCG).
> The map through IG looked like the following segment:
>                         RsaI
>                        NlaIII
>                        Csp6I
>                          Bs1I
>                         Bs1I
>                          BsiYI
>                         BsiYI
>                         AfaI
>                        |||
>                    ....tacgggaactgctaca....
>                    ...TYR...
> He said he wanted to find *free* software that would answer the question 
> "Can I use any restriction enzymes on the sequence?"
> Thanks for your assistance.  Please email me directly.  
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