Bouncing of posts by mailing list

Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at
Fri Jul 5 02:08:43 EST 1996

I don't suppose it's just me this happens to, but every single thing I
post to gets bounced back to me by mail.

It seems that a user on a gated mailing list no longer exists, and
rather than the bounced message going to the list administrator (which
is where it should go) it goes to the original poster, who can't do
anything about it.

Who runs the gated mailing list?  For a start their setup may well be
broken, and secondly it would be wonderful if they could do something
about this particular user (okanes at, I think).

Furthermore, I *think* the list is operated by, but
I'm not sure.

Hopefully someone reading this will know the correct person to ask.


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