[Q] Cybex 6000 data format

Samy Nonsense rcsleung at polyu.edu.hk
Fri Jul 5 19:50:22 EST 1996

I am doing an isokinetic exercise study using Cybex 6000. In my mind, Cybex is 
a usefull isokinetic system and performed many research. For research 
purpose, data analysis is an important part of a project. However, I have a 
difficulty to analysis an torque data of each cycle .
Cybex 6000 have not provided a report format which satisfy my requirment and 
cannot print or export a data to ASCII format. Also, this system is not allow 
synchronise with other system, ex. EMG system. Now I only know that Cybex 
saved the data file as binary form. If I know the binary format of data 
file, I could export the data.
Could anyone have experience to solve the above problem or have a binary 
format of data file? Please send me a email.

Thank you for your attention  

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