Plasmid Drawing for Windows

Klaus Salger salger at
Mon Jul 8 10:21:12 EST 1996

Alex Williams wrote:
> Hi There
> does anyone know of a source of windows software to produce publication
> quality plasmid diagrams...preferably ones that can be exported to other
> presentation software.  The ability to draaw maps without sequence info
> would be good !
> thanks
> Alex


I would recommend to try Clone Manager. It works either with or without
sequence (it allows unknown sequences and manual addition of sites).
It produces quite nice maps which may be exported as WMF files.
There is also a second program wich allows more manipulations of the
map, called Enhance. AFAIK it's not yet available for Windows but will
be released soon.

Clone Manager is reasonably priced (about 400$ ?) and allows more than
just producing maps but assists in cloning operations. So it let's you
do your cloning with looking for RE-sites, cutting, ligation before you
actually do it on the bench.

It's made by S&ES (see below). They will send you a demo if you want to
try it.

>Scientific & Education Software
>PO Box 440
>State Line, PA 17263, USA
>(717) 597-5307

Hope this helps

(standard disclaimer applies, I'm just a satisfied customer...)

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