Which platform?

Greg Dougherty gregd at netcom.com
Wed Jul 10 13:17:49 EST 1996

Tim Cutts (Zoology) wrote:
> There is more purpose built software for the Mac, however things may
> change soon, since PC operating environments are now passing the
> Macintosh (technically Windows NT is far ahead of System 7.5, and more
> on a par with UNIX or VMS as an operating system).  System 7.5 is
> better than DOS/Windows.  In my opinion PCs start becoming really
> useful machines when running Windows NT 
And how many NT boxes are out there (I believe MS shipped 650,000 copies of NT 
last year)?  If you are looking for the technically superior platform, try OS/
2.  If you are looking for the platform where "Plug and Play" is for real, 
instead of for marketing, get a Mac.

> >   Also, which platform would inferface better with a workstation, to
> >utilize those high-powered apps.?
> As far as interfacing with workstations is concerned, my own feeling
> is that PC's are more suitable.  If you are going to be using UNIX
> based software a lot, it makes sense to get a PC, and run a free UNIX
> clone such as Linux on it.  
As opposed to getting a PowerMac, and running Linux on that?  (I believe the CD 
costs $10 now, and will cost $50 when it goes final.)  Why?

> The other great advantage of UNIX over either Mac or Windows is that
> it is comparatively easy to write your own software for should you
> need it; powerful scripting languages such as perl are freely available to
> very quickly knock up data processing programs.
Hm, "powerful scripting languages such as perl", for example, is also available 
on the Mac.  Of course, if you would like a powerful scripting language with a 
graphical interface, debugger, and built in database, on a Mac you can get 
Userland Frontier, which is at version 4.0, and free.

> In summary:
> For user-friendly apps available right now, Mac is more suitable.
> For user-friendly apps in the future, PC/Windows NT might be better.

In short: if you look at what is available now, the Mac is better.
If you pay attention to FUD, maybes, and media-induced hysteria (I think I've 
been reading that Windows will be equal to the Mac RSN, and the Mac is going to 
die, for serveral years now.  It keeps on truning out not to be the case) you 
should go with MicroSloth.

IHMO, the correct choice is rather obvious.


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