program for CGH analysis

Luca I.G. TOLDO luca.toldo at
Thu Jul 11 04:39:20 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Nenno,
> I am looking for a CGH(comparative genomic hybridization) analysis program.
> Most software is highly expensive, but maybe somebody knows of cheap ones.
> The prefered hardware is SGI or MAC.
> Every hint and comment is wellcome!
> Mario Nenno, nenno at
I would suggest you contacting somebody close to you that
is doing CGH and is world known for its advancements in this field,
namely the group of Dr. Peter LICHTER which works at the
Deutsche Krebs Forschung Zentrum in Heidelberg
I know one post-doc there which is handling the CGH, namely Dr. 
Sabina SOLINAS-TOLDO , email:s.solinas at,
telephone: 06221-424672.
She knows many other groups in the region and has tested many CGH
programs, both for Macintosh and for PC (yes, PC running Unix).
There is no SGI solution that I know on the topic (you do not really
need a SGI for doing that, moreover, the hardware aspects are really
deep ... is not just image grabbing infact you have also to manage the
filter wheel and so on ... )


Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Computer Group

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