ANNOUNCE: IBM-PC Sequence Analysis Freeware

Andrey A.Ptitsyn ptitsyn at BENPC.BIONET.NSK.SU
Fri Jul 12 07:41:36 EST 1996

Dear Netters:
This posting is another annonce of the sequence analysis freeware for
This version is provided as-is, but completely functional.
This sequence analysis system called AutoGene is available from
anonynous FTP at:
AutoGene (AUG) contains programs for:
-FASTA-GenBank-EMBL-AUG sequence format conversion;
-ALU and L1HS rearch;
-Polyadenilation site recognition;
-Vertebrate promoter site recognition;
-Vertebrate exon/introne structure recognition;
-some others;

All programs are data-pipelined and run sequentially according to the 
work plan specified by user. The system has graphic user interface. 
Data visualizing program can bring together the results of different 
programs to help grasping the general picture of the sequence.

Some related publications:
Ptitsyn, A.A., Grigorovich D.A., Object-oriented data handler for 
the sequence analysis software development, 
Comp. Appl. Biosci. V.11 no. 6 (1995) pp. 583-589;

A. A. Ptitsyn, I. B. Rogozin, D. A. Grigorovich, 
V. B. Strelets, A. E. Kel, L. Milanesi, and N. A. Kolchanov, 
AutoGene: A Computer System for Nucleotide Sequence Analysis,
Molekulyarnaya Biologiya, v.30 no.2 (1996) pp.436-445;

All programs are free, but we would appreciate if you mention our 
program in your results publication. We are also open for scientific 

Sincerely yours 
Andrey A. Ptitsyn

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