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Sun Jul 14 18:59:56 EST 1996

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   rikl at wrote:
>Hi all
>I'am playing Myst for weeks and I love it. But lately I can't get 
any further.
>Here are my questions:
>What to do in the plane? 
>I have a code with consists out of 3 dates and times. What do I do 
with them?
>I am in the mechanic age. I can't rotate the island properly. Do 
you know?
>Well, anyone who makes some time to answer my questions, i'm 
>Greets, Rik, Holland
>lieuwe at

Fimished Myst in 3 days guy :o)

You must use the 3 dates in the planetarium (sit down in the chair)
Well, when rotating the island, look the very little wheel behond
the mecanism. You can see how much you turn this way.

			good luck


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