New Version of SEQIO available

Gustavo Glusman bmgustav at
Mon Jul 15 11:46:52 EST 1996

In article <4s3dpi$1gd at> James Knight,
knight at writes:
>The new version of SEQIO package includes the port of the
>package onto Solaris, and fixes a couple bugs.  As always,
>the package can be retrieved from
>Also, a couple folks in Germany can't get a decent connection
>either to the ftp site or to my web site.  Is there a way I
>could get someone to act as an ftp mirror site on that side
>of the ocean?  I would appreciate it.

The updated version of SEQIO is currently being mirrored at:

Hopefully this will be more accessible for them.

>(*) You're quite welcome, Frederic.

Am I being too dense? What does this refer to? :)

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