Marked alignments... how?

Keith Robison robison at
Tue Jul 16 17:42:03 EST 1996

Adrian Kornhauser (adriank at wrote:
: Hi! I'm new at this, so I hope it works

: I have seen in some articles, multiple sequence alignements that have
: a simbol like "*,."  in the positions where the amino acids are
: conserved or where all subtitutions are of aminoacids with the same
: proprieties. I have looked for this kind of utilities in GCG, but it
: seems this program does not have them or only with nucleotides.
: Can someone tell me how they are donne?

Take another look at the Pretty program in GCG -- it can be tweaked
to do exactly what you describe (in particular, look at the documentation
on the /protein and /differences options.

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