GeneDoc 1.1 Release

Ketchup Ketchup at CRIS.COM
Tue Jul 16 18:41:02 EST 1996

Greetings All, 

Please be informed of the newest version of GeneDoc 1.1(.000). Quite a bit of additions work and bug 
cleanup has been done to the program, I'm hoping for the most functional and stable version yet!

Major Points are:

* Graphics Shading Modes for better printing, especially on HP printers under Win/3.X.

* Output to MAC Pict File and Text to clipboard functions.

* Addition of Phylogenetic Tree interface. Scoring will be implemented in the near future.

* Residue Edit Mode.

As usual, GeneDoc's web page is

I'd like to take the time to say thank you to all who have responded with Bug Reports, Suggestions, 
and Compliments. All correspondence has helpfull and encouraging. Keep those letters coming!

Karl Nicholas.
ketchup at

1.1.000 CHANGES:

Added Graphics Shading API calls to make print out and print
preview work correctly in Win/3.X.

Added Residue Value Edit mode.

Added GUI support for Phylogenetic trees. scoring not implemented yet.

Added Copy Selection to MAC Pict File.

Added Copy all to Clipboard as Text function.

Changed Toolbars and menus.

Added Auto-detection of Unix or DOS Style files. Save file in same style.

Added clear all scores function.

Moved .INI file to Registery for 32-bit version.

Changed Scoring to Distances from the best score instead of similaritiese.
Better Alignments are indicated by a LOWER score instead of a HIGHER
score now.

Fixed titling facility bug that caused bad .MSF file to be written.

Fixed bug were the newly loaded .MSF files Score table setting was not being
made current.

Fixed Bug where removing property groups that were being used caused GPF.

Added additional input File residue value checking.

Changed Create New Project from Selection from asking for project type.

Removed Protein/DNA dialog from Open File Routine. Uses the default
now and can be changed from the project display of the user setting dialog.

Fixed a bug where dissimilar sequence names compared to be the
same, causing failure when reading a .msf file.

Added keyboard accelerators to dialogs.

Fixed conserved and differences shading modes to round shading
levels percents instead of truncate.

Lots of Help File updates.

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