James D. Tisdall tisdall at aquila.fccc.edu
Wed Jul 17 13:35:35 EST 1996

We have an aging digitizer pad called "hypad", that we use to measure
cell structures from electron micrograph prints.

Our "hypad" is kaput.  Does anyone know if they are currently being
sold - or have a working one for sale?

We expect we'll have to replace it with e.g. a scanner and NIH Image
software.  But if we can find a replacement ...  or if anyone has
knowledge of alternative solutions ...  thanks!

Jim Tisdall
JD_Tisdall at fccc.edu
James D. Tisdall
Manager, Computational Biology Group	Phone: (215) 728-3660
The Fox Chase Cancer Center		FAX:   (215) 728-2513

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