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Michael Morales mmorales at
Fri Jul 19 11:17:23 EST 1996

POIRIE (POIRIE at wrote:
: Hi netters ! I would like to scan text documents (like DNA sequences) and 
: transfer them on a Word programm. Do you know if this is possible with 
: Adobe Photoshop under a Mac environnment ?If not, what software would be 
: needed ? Thanks for your help ! 

I've tried using OCR software for this purpose, and wasn't too satisfied.  If
you have a decent hard copy, the read ends up about 98-99% accurate, which is 
almost useless.  In the end, it ended up being much faster to type DNA 
sequences manually.  Plus, almost all sequences are available somewhere in 
computer-readable format.

Mike Morales 

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